Hail Damage ruined your car’s appearance? Do you need a hail damage repair pro?

The Scratch Master will fix the hail damage done to your car with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) – PDR experience matters! Trust the professionals at Scratch Master. We are mobile and specialize in PDR hail damage repair.

What is PDR?

It is the fastest, highest quality, least invasive, and most cost-effective method in the world for repairing minor dents. It is the preferred method and first choice if possible. We use a specially designed light board that casts a reflective pattern on the dent. Then, working from behind the panel, I use specially crafted tools to give your dent hundreds of gentle, precise pushes; and massage the metal back to it’s original contour. No sanding, no bondo, no paint, and no waste!

What are the advantages of PDR as opposed to traditional methods? Is this the best method for hail damage repair?

  • The most important advantages are quality and less invasive. Remember, the best paint job your car will ever have is your original factory finish. Since you are not corrupting your finish by adding fillers and another coat of paint on your car you are preserving your original, valuable factory finish. It’s the closest you can get to like it never happened in the first place
  • You avoid potential problems associated with too much film thickness such as cracking, checking and crows feet. You also avoid causing the panel to become more chip prone. Even if you’ve already had some paint work, it’s best to avoid adding another coat if the dent can be massaged out.
  • No risk of a color mismatch.
  • Save valuable time since the average hail repair time is 1 to 2 days (not avg. 1 to 2 weeks like traditional methods)
  • Save money. PDR is much less expensive than conventional repair since it is labor only and more efficient. Since there are usually no added expenses for parts and materials, we can offer complete dent removal and customer satisfaction at a very fair price.
  • Preserving your original finish will retain a higher resale value.
  • Auto manufacturers provide a factory paint warranty on their vehicles. If the original finish on the vehicle is disturbed in any way, the warranty is often voided. I protect this warranty through my expert hail damage repair.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fact: This process is so sensible, insurance companies have adopted it as the preferred method for repairing the minor damage! In fact, some companies have been known to waive their deductible because paintless dent repair saves them money and gives you a high-quality repair. It is the best choice for hail damage repair.
  • Your insurance company is legally obligated to restore your car as close to the original finish as possible and the filler is not metal. It’s filler! Scratch Master removes the dent, leaving the original finish untouched.

Why use the Scratch Master?

Based locally in the Denver metro area, we’ll be here after the hail storm to help you with any future dents. Not only do I bring 13 years of experience in the PDR & dent business, I also:

  • Fix scratches and scuffs
  • Do interior repair

Special offer:

For every hail damage repair, we will include a scratch “touch-up” at no additional cost. Restrictions apply.

Give us a call today! 1-888-SCRATCH (727-2824) or you may request a FREE quote.

Thank You!
Brian Lewis