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The BAD News is: You are responsible to pay someone for repairs*.

The GOOD News is: You get to decide who you will pay. Will it be:

The Lease Company / Dealership: who through honest ignorance (or exaggeration) can make you pay premium body shop rates for inefficient repairs.


The Scratch Master: I recommend fixing it before the lease company sees it. I use smarter, more efficient repair methods and SAVE you 25% – 75%.


First the BAD news: It’s simple… According to your lease agreement, you are required to pay for “excess wearâ€Â repairs*. According to GMAC lease financing, “excess wear“ is:

  • Exterior: a scratch, chip or dent that cannot fit inside of a 2-inch circle.Interior: a cut, tear, or singed area that cannot fit inside of a 1/2 inch circle. A burn hole that cannot fit inside of a 1/8 inch circle. Stains that cannot be removed.
  • All damage that reduces re-marketability or impairs vehicle appearance.
  • All wear that exceeds “normalâ€Â wear.
Lease Reture Ruler

You will pay to fix these items one way or the other*. You can either fix it before you return your car, or you can return the car “as isâ€Â and the lease company will bill you for the repairs. You’ll save money if you let me fix it before they see it!

Honestly, I really do not like to sound negative, but if the lease company sees “excess wearâ€, this could happen to you:

  • It would have gone unnoticed, but now the lease inspector has every reason to “red flagâ€Â you. He easily notices all real “excess wearâ€Â as well as imperfections that he just perceives to be “excess wearâ€.
  • Typically, the inspector is not a skilled professional in paint micro-repairs and paint-less dent repairs. He sees your damage through his “lensâ€Â of ignorance or through the “lens† of traditional body shop “paint the whole panelâ€Â methodology. Because of this “lensâ€, scratches and dents are often misdiagnosed. He could require leg surgery for a scraped knee. This happens regularly. Sometimes by exaggeration but usually by honest ignorance.

Once your “damageâ€Â has been diagnosed (whether correctly or not), the lease company can charge you premium body shop rates for the repairs. You can over-pay for repair methods that are a gross overkill. The more they fix, the more you pay. There is a better way.

Now the GOOD News

Now the GOOD News: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.â€Â Having your car prepared before-hand is far less costly than getting “red flaggedâ€.

The money you save is usually 25%-75% off (depending on the type of damage). It starts with a careful inspection of your car. You can do it yourself, or I can do it for you. If you have “excess wearâ€Â damage, I will give you a free quote and explain how I can get your car ready to be returned with no “red flagsâ€. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable my services are, and how being proactive can pay off.

Remember, I come to your home or workplace rain or shine. It’s easy and convenient!

Let Scratch Masterâ„¢ make that leased car look new again!

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