Q: What is “no drilling?â€

A: As a shortcut, many PDR techs punch and drill holes in order to more easily gain access to the backside of a dent. In many cases, the car owner is never informed of this. There have been extreme abuses of this technique where multiple holes (5-7) were drilled on one panel and its’ integrity was compromised. Some insurance companies have adopted a “No drilling†policy because of these abuses from reckless PDR techs. Here’s my policy on drilling: 1. Most dents can be accessed without drilling. I have the proper knowledge & tools and take the extra time necessary to avoid drilling. 2. If it is impossible to remove the dent without drilling, or if a small hole will save you a significant amount of money, I will always inform you of this beforehand. The decision will be yours. 3. All small holes will be carefully placed, professionally rust-proofed, sealed, and plugged. They look like they naturally belong on the car.

Q: Do you offer a “multiple dent†discount?

A: Yes.

Q: What size dents can be fixed?

A: I fix dents that range from dime size to Basketball size. The most common size dent is maybe the size of a golf ball.

Q: Can every dent be repaired with paintless dent removal?

A: No. While most minor dents can be removed by PDR, not every dent qualifies. Especially in cases where the metal is deeply stretched, twisted, or rippled. When I encounter this problem, I can sometimes offer a traditional repair using bondo and paint if the dent is relatively small.

Q: Will my dent pop back in after you leave?

A: No, I guarantee it is completely permanent.

Q: What are the advantages of PDR as opposed to traditional methods?

  • A: The most important advantage is quality. This is the closest you can get to “like it never happened it the first placeâ€. I preserve your original, valuable factory finish. And the result is, “Wow! It’s Gone!†I save you valuable time since the average repair time is 1/2 to 2 hours (not days like traditional methods) I save you money since the average cost is approximately 10-50% off of traditional repair methods. My prices are usually less than your insurance deductible. Avoid a claim and possible rate increases. Fact: This process is so sensible, insurance companies have adopted it as the “preferred method†for repairing minor damage!

Q: What is Paintless Dent Removal?

A: Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). This is the fastest, highest quality, and most cost effective method in the world for fixing minor dents. I use a specially designed board that casts a reflective pattern on the dent, ding or crease. Then, working from behind the panel, I use specially crafted tools to give your dent hundreds of gentle and precise pushes and “massage†the metal back to its’ original shape without bondo or paint. For more info. See our “Dent Removal†page.