Q: I have chips & scratches all over my car. Can you help?

A: Yes. Although I am able to deliver a perfect invisible repair, that particular process is usually impractical when chips & scratches are on every panel. It turns into a big job and gets very expensive spendy. But I have a process where I color-match directly into your chips and scratches. You can still see the chip or scratch, but the color of it matches your car and it’s a very nice improvement. It’s the biggest cosmetic bang for the buck in this situation. Excellent value.

Q: Step by step, how does Scratch Master repair a bumper scrape?

A: Keep in mind I don’t repair large areas. It’s a very clean operation. A surface cleaner is sprayed on and dirt is removed from the repair area. The same area then gets further cleaned with a scuff pad, a quality wax and grease remover, and prep solvent. This step not only removes all contaminants, it also roughs up the existing finish so that it will permanently accept the new paint finish. Careful attention to detail is given to hard to reach edges and crevices so that the paint will permanently stick without having to remove your bumper. Sand the scratches. Clean off sanding debris. Apply plastic adhesion promoter inside of the deeper scratches. Let flash dry. The purpose of the adhesion promoter is it prepares the deep scratches to receive or accept the scratch filler permanently. Apply a fine, flexible polyester putty to remaining scratches. Let dry. Sand smooth. Clean sanding debris. Mask off adjoining panels that are close to the area being repaired so that no overspray will get on your car. Spray adhesion promoter over remaining plastic that was exposed by the sanding process. Let dry. When necessary, Spray 1-3 coats of flexible high build primer over repair area. Bake Dry with a short wave infra-red heat lamp. While waiting for the primer to finish baking, I mix your exact factory color (base coat). I use the finest quality Spies Hecker brand auto paint. See above to find out how I mix your factory color. Primer is then wet sanded smooth. Sanding dust is cleaned off. I then take a temperature reading of the repair area. Next, I choose a reducer that accurately matches the temperature of the repair area and mix it into the base coat (color). This thins the paint and makes it ready to spray. The base coat gets strained, poured into the gun and is then sprayed on over primer. On average this takes 5-6 coats to fully cover the primer. Each coat must be dried before applying the next one. Also, I keep the base coat as close to the primered area as possible in order to keep the repair small. As a side note, I use the high quality Sata Mini-jet paint gun. Then I spray on a high quality clear coat over this to give it a permanent shiny look. It blends in super nicely with the rest of your bumper. Remove masking. Bake the clear coat when necessary. You have a top quality repair. You’ll love it.

Q: How does Scratch Master match the color?

A: I can match your color to perfection. Your car has a paint code that references its’ exact factory color. The Scratch Master has access to the formulas or “recipes†for every factory color . I simply look up the formula in my database and then accurately mix the color by using a digital scale that measures every drop to the 1/100th of a gram. This is the same process used at dealers and auto body shops. However, Scratch Master uses only premium quality Spies Hecker brand paint. This “elite†brand of paint surpasses the quality of most and is found in the finest of auto body shops.

Q: I have a scratch. Will the color match?

A: Yes. I guarantee an expert color match.

Q: I have a brand new car. Can you really make my damage look “like new�

A: Yes. I provide the finest services and products that often surpass the quality of most auto body repair shops since I avoid the conventional repair process. Please see the “Our Experience†page as well as “Our Guarantee†page.